Ladies Retreat
May 1 – 3

Join us at this year’s Women’s Retreat – a place to connect with God and others in a serene setting perfect for relaxation, renewal and reflection. I hope that some point during our stay, you will take a deep breath… exhale… and say, “This is just what I need!”

Cost of $135 can be broken into payments as follows:  

 February 23         $35.00     Nonrefundable deposit

 March 22              $50.00     Nonrefundable deposit

 April 19                $50.00     Final payment (must be made or your name will be removed from the list.

Please see Lisa Nutt or Lillian Mundo for more information.


Everyone should consider a level of participation: a full fast, partial fast, one meal a day, one full day a week, a Daniel fast, whatever you choose, do it with all your heart.                             

February 16th
Adults: $8
Children 3+: $4


HOPE for Whatever you are Facing
Free Community Meal

March 28, 2020

from 4-6 PM
Brookside Ministries Church

We will serve meatloaf, mac and cheese, vegetables, rolls with butter, fresh fruit, and cake.

Donations needed:
Meatloaf 4 pound (9×13) fully baked

Mac and cheese (fully baked) 9×13 pan, fully baked

Cakes 9×13 – 8 any kind

Apples – 10 pounds             Bananas- 15 pounds.

Oranges – 15 pounds          Grapefruit 30 each. 

Toilet paper                         Tissues

Please see Patti Vreeland for more information.